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Easton SDA 2023 Crusade: Signs of the Second Coming!

  October 27th 2023 - November 24th, 7:00pm (EST.) - 8:00pm (EST)

 Note: There will be NO meetings on Mondays and Thursdays

Speaker: Renaldo Moodie
Speaker: Renaldo Moodie

Our Speaker, Renaldo Moodie, will be discussing how prophecies from the Bible are unfolding right in front of our eyes. Government chaos. Natural disasters. War and sickness across the planet. Do these cataclysmic events point to a critical change coming in the near future? Learn to decipher the prophecies of the Bible and their warnings for today, discover America’s role in the final days, and find peace by understanding God’s plan in last-day events. This seminar is designed for anyone curious about the prophecies of the Bible or concerned by current world events.

For more information and to reserve seats visit: SignsOfTheSecondcoming.org/Easton or call 484-761-1009 

(Pre-registration not required. Walk-ins welcome.)







On the last Sunday of every month, Easton SDA Church  gives out FREE bags of groceries to anyone who may be hungry and in need of food. Our mission is to reach out to the community and help those in need.  So please come by and grab a bag of groceries. We are here to support the community in any way we can.  If you need food delivered, contact us at 610-252-6449.